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Hi All, We have an App and have a requirement of streaming Mobile camera video on to a Dashboard in AWS like Grafana. I am not sure how to achieve this, we are using kinesis video stream for streaming from our React App. how can I make the video stream on to Grafana Dashboard. I looked at Twin maker video integration in here: but it is for green grass having gateway installed.

can Anyone share their knowledge here, Thank you.

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The Amazon Kinesis webrtc SDK contains a simple HTML+Javascript test page that you can use to create a new or connect to an existing signaling channel and use it as a master or viewer.

Try to make it run as instructed here on your local machine. The sample only use html and javascipt so it is easy to embed into existing webapps e.g React or dashboard solution like Grafana.

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answered 2 months ago
  • Hi Jan, Thank you for your knowledge share, but how to embed this in AWS managed Grafana, the html text component there is not working. We need to disable_sanitize_html in grafana config file in order to render html codes but AWS does not give us that flexibility to altr config files

  • You are right, Amazon Managed Grafana currently has not built-in plugin/datasource that integrates with Amazon Kinesis Video for Webrtc. You can of course host your own Grafana instance on EC2 and develop a custom plugin.


Managed Grafana allows you to display video from KVS using TwinMaker but without using the Greengrass connector. Add a component to the TwinMaker workspace and configure it with the Kinesis Video Stream name. You can then select this component in the Grafana Twin Maker Video Player plugin.

Please note that this solution does not work for WebRTC streams.



answered 2 months ago

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