Cannot upgrade nor restore PostgreSQL 9.4 RDS snapshot


My attempts to restore an old RDS snapshot (a little over 2 years old, running Postgres 9.4.20) from the Amazon RDS Snapshots page as well as using the aws cli have all failed. The GUI returns the following error (and yes, we tried many different instance types and realized that wasn't the problem):

RDS does not support creating a DB instance with the following combination: DBInstanceClass=db.m6g.large, Engine=postgres, EngineVersion=9.4.20, LicenseModel=postgresql- license. For supported combinations....

When we selected the "Upgrade snapshot" option, the "New engine version" drop-down was empty and we were greeted with the error message "No upgrades are available for the snapshot at this time."

Using the aws cli, we ran the following command and tried upgrading to versions 9.6.9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and 14, all to no avail.

aws rds modify-db-snapshot --db-snapshot-identifier my_snapshot_name --engine-version 11

This returned an error like the following error each time for all versions greater than 9; 9.6.9 was deemed not a valid upgrade target:

An error occurred (InvalidParameterCombination) when calling the ModifyDBSnapshot operation: You can't upgrade the DB snapshot from the engine version 9.4.20 to 11.13.

My suspicion is that this version of Postgres is just too far out of date and that the snapshot would have needed to have been upgraded back when Amazon first alerted us that Postgres 9.4 would be deprecated.

Is there any way to recover data from an RDS snapshot of this age/version, or are we out of luck?

  • Ugh. I find myself in the same situation. I have a snapshot on 9.5.22 which a) can't be upgraded AND b) isn't supported on any of the instance types available (I need a t2 or similar). So...AWS just deleted my data? Crazy!!

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answered a year ago

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