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AWS MGN , EBS Volumes


Hi Team, we are doing a lift & shift migration using AWS MGN. In on-Prem we have 1 TB storage attached to a server in that only 250 GB is utilised. So here during replication , AWS MGN agent created 1 TB EBS volume.Is there any way to customise the EBS volumes that are created by the MGN during replication or during cutover phase ?? . Why we need to pay for unused volume ? Can you please guide us providing a right solution.

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MGN uses block-level replication, which means it's not aware of how much of the volume is unused. If you want to reduce the size after migration, you can create a smaller volume and then migrate your data to it using an application-level tool such as rsync.

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answered a month ago
  • @burdettg, So after migration I need to attach a new EBS volume to EC2 then move the data to smaller EBS and detach the migrated EBS (original) volume. But we are migrating the prod workloads. Is it recommended to do this activity in Prod Env ?? Is there any another solution for this??

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