Phone number migration from one instance to another instance in the same region and account [Canada]


I am facing issue to migrate the phone number from one instance to another AWS Connect instance. The steps are simple, I am not getting any error, but no result as well. it is still with the old instance.

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Verify Permissions: Ensure that the IAM user or role you are using to perform the migration has the necessary permissions. Specifically, the user or role should have permissions related to Amazon Connect, such as connect:UpdateUserRoutingProfile and connect:AssociatePhoneNumberWithUser.

Confirm that the phone number you are trying to migrate is not in use or associated with any existing resources in the old Amazon Connect instance. If the phone number is still in use or associated with a routing profile, it cannot be migrated until it is disassociated.

This could be of help too :-

Hope it clarifies and if does I would appreciate answer to be accepted so that community can benefit for clarity, thanks ;)

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  • It did not work but now I am getting an additional error -

    "The allowed limit for claimed phone numbers has been exceeded for your instance"

    But I have only one phone number and no other phone number.

  • Open a quota request to increase your phone number for the instance you're trying to migrate to.


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