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What is a complete JOB scheduler in AWS


I am looking for a full-fledged JOB scheduler (that can replace a conventional job scheduler like Control-m,Autosys,rundecl etc) which provides a user interface , has all options/features of a job scheduler, easy to schedule the jobs (adding dependencies, graphical representation of scheduling jobs and can handle complex job scheduling in production).

  1. May I know if AWS batch has these features?
  2. How about the MWAA scheduler?
  3. Can these tools replace a scheduler like (autosys/Control-M etc)?

Please note that I am not using AWS components for my application. instead I have installed my application software in EC2 instances and need to run the jobs using scripts. There are very complex requirements/dependencies in our jobs schedule. So I am looking for the best scheduler in AWS.

asked 6 months ago66 views
1 Answers

Are you already using a scheduler in your existing infrastructure that you're trying to migrate? The easiest way would be to keep using your current one.

AWS batch isn't a generic job scheduler but rather a service that orchestrates AWS compute running jobs packaged as containers, it also doesn't have an elaborated graphical interface that would be similar to what's there in Control-M.

The MWAA is dedicated to Apache Airflow orchestration and isn't a generic job scheduler either.


answered 5 months ago

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