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AWS Microsoft Active Directory - how to access the domain controllers to define groups and users


Hi there, just created my AWS Microsoft Active Directory (Standard edition). I know this has created 2 virtual MS Server 2012 in different availability zones, but I can see no way to connect to either to start setting up? I remember reading in the documentation that 2 user connections were allowed to each server for this reason

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Hello, here are the instructions for how to manage users and groups within AD Managed Microsoft AD.

You will need to have a Windows EC2 instance joined to the domain ( Then you will need to install the Active Directory administration tools ( and finally you will be able to manage your Active Directory Objects.

answered 8 months ago

Thank you, I was really hoping to avoid needing this - I already have an EC2 Windows server attached to another domain. Am I right in thinking that the two Windows 2012 VMs have no graphical interface then? I can't see what security group these DCs have been put into so assume that any other Windows VM that I create in the VPC will be able to join the new domain? Also guessing that I must set the DNS servers on the Windows VM to point to the DCs before trying to join?

answered 8 months ago

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