Elastic Beanstalk upgrade (Php8) - Memcache error


We are migrating our Elastic Beanstalk server with the recommended version: Php7 is now deprecated and moving to php8. however, the new php8 beanstalk package has an error when deploying with memcache (Elasticache). it looks like the php7 version was configured with the memcache package unlike the newer php8 Beanstalk version. Can anyone confirm this?

How to properly install memcache package with ebextension. Will the new magic bean integrate memcached in the next few weeks?

thanks for the answers

In MemcachedConnector.php line 69:
Class "Memcached" not found
  • same problem here, how to add memcached module to amazon linux 2 php 8?

  • Running php -m on a PHP 8 ec2 does not show memcache/memcached modules are available by default.

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