How to migrate a RDS Oracle to RDS Custom for Oracle?


How can I migrate a database from RDS Oracle to RDS Custom for Oracle?

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  1. Backup Your Source Database
  • Use RDS Snapshots: Create a manual snapshot of your RDS for Oracle database, ensuring a consistent and recoverable point in time.
  • Export Data: Alternatively, use Oracle tools like Data Pump (expdp and impdp) for logical backups if you prefer or need to filter or transform data during migration.
  1. Transfer Data to RDS Custom for Oracle
  • Restore from RDS Snapshot: If RDS Custom supports direct snapshot import (which might not be directly supported between RDS for Oracle and RDS Custom for Oracle), use the snapshot to create your RDS Custom database.
  • Data Pump Import: More commonly, you'll transfer your data using Oracle Data Pump or similar tools to import your data into the RDS Custom for Oracle instance.
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You can migrate from RDS for Oracle to RDS Custom for Oracle using physical migration, logical migration, or a combination. Below are a few of the methods that you can select based on the size , complexity and the downtime that can be afford.

  1. Oracle Datapump Export & Import
  2. Oracle Datapump for Initial Load + setup Database Migration Service (DMS) for CDC
  3. Database Migration Service (DMS) for Initial load and CDC
  4. RMAN full , incremental backups and archivelogs for point in time reovery (Refer this link to perform RMAN tasks on RDS for Oracle)
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