Does SQS can invoke Lambda functions asynchronously ?


I found this article :

I see that SQS is supported as Poll-based invoke.

  1. Does it means that Lambda will be triggered async once event is added to DLQ?
  2. Does this Lambda is supporting DLQ, meaning if the function is failed, I can publish it to DLQ?


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1 Answer

Lambda processes events from SQS synchronously, and so failed invocations will not besent to a DLQ on the Lambda side. If the Lambda invocation fails, the message remains in the SQS queue, and will be retried or sent to the queue's DLQ according to how the queue is configured.

answered 4 years ago
  • Thank you so much for this. You have no idea how much this clears my confusion/misunderstanding on SQS with Lambda functions. 😊

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