Re-creating CloudFront distribution results in: "One or more of the CNAMEs you provided are already associated with a different resource."


Our setup: We're using CDKv2. We have stacks that should create an API Gateway and a CloudFront distribution. On a separate AWS account, we have a Route53 hosted zone with an A name record that points to the CloudFront distribution. The API Gateway is fronted by a custom domain name (the Route53 domain). CloudFront's origin is set to the generated domain from the custom domain name in APIGW.

In summary, Route53 A record -> CloudFront Distribution -> API GW Custom Domain Name -> API GW.

Problem: We deleted our CloudFormation stacks and tried to re-deploy them and we're now seeing the error: "One or more of the CNAMEs you provided are already associated with a different resource" during attempted creation of the CloudFront distribution.

As far as I know, this error typically appears when another CloudFront distribution is using the CNAME. However, this is just not the case as no other distribution exists.

Is it possible that the old distribution still exists for a period of time after deletion?

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Answering my own question in case this is an issue for someone in the future.

When creating the API GW Custom Domain, the "edge" endpoint was used which fronts a CloudFront distribution to API GW. CloudFormation would then later attempt to create another CloudFront distribution for a CNAME that is already in use, find the error, then rollback.

By setting this configuration to "regional" instead of "edge," this error resolves.

answered a year ago

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