AWS DMS Replication Task Stopped Logging


I have been searching for the culprit. Everything from the article below seems in place, however, I can't get DMS Migration Tasks to create a group and log events to Cloudwatch. This has been working perfectly for a long time and recently stopped after a renaming effort.

Is there anywhere I can look to see why the log group creation failed or to verify it is a permission issue for sanity?

Here are the task settings for each task where logging is enabled:

    "Logging": {
        "EnableLogging": true,
        "EnableLogContext": false,

Here is a dms granted IAM Role:

Enter image description here

Here is the role above's policy attachment:

Enter image description here

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the IAM role needs to named as dms-cloudwatch-logs-role explicitly DMS task logging wont work if the role name is not dms-cloudwatch-logs-role

answered a year ago
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reviewed 9 days ago
  • Oh, wow! I did not see that as a mandatory requirement. Thanks for the quick answer on this!

  • Actually, it seems to work if the name *starts with dms-cloudwatch-logs-role.

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