Can you integrate AWS BedRocks with WorkDocs via a AWS Amplify interface?


I want to integrate AWS Bedrocks with AWS WorkDocs so that the Bedrocks chatbot can give suggestions on edits to documents and ways to make content in the files within Workdocs more concise. From my research, it looks like Bedrocks may not be compatible with WorkDocs but I cannot find any documents or forums on workarounds for this. An alternative method I have been looking into is connecting Bedrocks and Workdocs via an Amplify interface and APIs. Has anyone had any experience with integrating Bedrocks with Workdocs or connecting them via Amplify? I could not find any documentation on the process to connect these 3 services.

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AWS Amplify enables frontend web and mobile developers to quickly and easily build full-stack applications on AWS and it does not have direct interaction designed for AWS Bedrock or WorkDocs.

However, You may consider creating the interaction between these two services using the appropriate AWS SDKs for BedRock and WorkDocs. I found below article that might help you.


Having said that, you may also consider reaching out to AWS solution architect related to guidance on setting up architecture as per your use case.

answered 2 months ago
  • Hi, thanks for the quick answer! So from your understanding, can Bedrocks be integrated in WorkDocs so you see the chatbot within WorkDocs? Or can you only use the Bedrocks interface for the chatbot and connect the WorkDocs S3 bucket to Bedrocks through the knowledge base?

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