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Hi I was looking at AWS B2B data exchange, specifically EDI transformers, the page here shows displays 837 (claim/encounter)

However, when I look at transformers, I don't find 837 EDI document in the drop down. Is there a transformer/parser for 837 files?

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Hello, thank you for reaching out. The page shared is not affiliated with the AWS B2B Data Interchange service. It appears to be a general EDI explainer that was published before the launch of service B2B Data Interchange service in 2023.

You can find the list of the transaction sets currently supported by the B2B Data Interchange service here. We have plans to introduce new transaction sets and would like to learn more about how we can support your use case. Please reach out to the B2B Data Interchange product team at if you require support for additional transaction sets or other EDI capabilities.

answered 3 months ago

Good day,

As mentioned already, the document reference was published before the B2B Data Interchange was launched. The correct reference [1] with the supported transaction sets is listed below.

References: [1]

answered 3 months ago

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