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EventBridge input transformation between salesforce event to target API?


I have created appflow in console.Chose Source- Salesforce event (AccountChangeEvent) & Destination - Amazon EventBridge and created flow.After that in eventbridge created event bus and associated appflow to bus. Activated flow in appflow console. Then created Rule in AWS eventbridge where chose custom API as target. Now i have to do the transformation in rule to pass SF event few data to target API, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi, from what I understand, you are asking how to transform the event once EventBridge received the event. This link discusses the capability: There are limitations to this, such as no more than 100 variables can be defined. You may have already reviewed this document. If not I suggest taking a look at this: If you find that the previous suggestions are not workable, then do the transform after event delivery. Have your subscriber/target do the transform. For example, use Lambda or Step Functions as a target, then these services will run the transform and pass the results to the final target, such as another API or database.

answered 5 months ago
  • Thanks Byron for quick response. I have followed both the links. created flows (Salesforce source event with 7-8 fields target event bridge) ,associated flow with event bus and created rules. In Rule creation steps chose "Event source" as "Other" and "Event Pattern" as "Custom Patterns" and provided sample event pattern. API destination is custom rest API has been used.When i trigger event from salsforce it reached to appflow but could not see it in event bridge and not reaching to target API. any idea why is not reaching to event bridge or target API. Even i could see event in rule monitoring tab.

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