API rate limits for AWS SES



We are running load tests on our software so that we can accurately describe the performance of our system to our customers under heavy load conditions.

One of the items that we've been trying to model is the email throughput performance that we could possibly get. What we are now seeing is that the AWS SES API to send a email is taking on average about 300 ms on your testing environment while it takes about 60 ms on production (translates to about 15 emails per second, which is the limit we see on our dashboard). Is this expected where the response times is vastly different between testing and production environments?

Second question. If let's assume that we wanted a lower response time on production from let's say the current 60 ms to let's say 25 ms or lower. What should we do or how should we go about increasing the rate limit supported on our account?

Answers to both of these questions about will help us set the right expectations with our customers.

Thanks, Sai.

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