How to translate Cognito Hosted UI Forms?


Is it possible to translate the texts on the sign-in and sign-up forms of Cognito Hosted UI in languages other than english?

These 4 sentences for the sign-in form for example:

  • Sign in with your email and password
  • Email
  • Password
  • Forgot your password?

This is asked by lots of users:

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Adding support for other languages is asked by many people, and while it may be on the roadmap, it must have been there for years.

What's the reason why AWS takes so long to implement a feature that is needed to use the hosted UI internationally? I thought AWS was an international company.

The reason everyone wants that feature is that the hosted UI is the easiest and most convenient way to implement authentication with all the Cognito features. It helps to ease up the pain of using the AWS SDKs. And Amplify is not the right solution for me due to its intransparency.

The documentation on how to implement authentication using SDKs is minimal and incomplete. It's a puzzle that takes valuable time away from the developers to figure out.

answered a year ago
  • I concur 100% with everything you wrote. I cannot believe AWS is forcing us to use something like auth0 just because of this.

  • Totally agree with you. I know that there are several opensource projects that wraps the hosted ui and make it available in diferente idioms. An FYI about this, the fact that i can't get this in portuguese made consider change CSP.


Hi Guys! Any updates on this request? It seems to me that this is something going on for a while now.

Is there any chance to have a date for that or perhaps make the hosted ui an open source project that we could fork and I8 from our own?


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answered 2 years ago

It seems to me that in 2022 this should not happen with a product as widely used as aws cognito, could you move this to maximum priority? It is urgently needed.

answered 10 months ago

This is currently not a supported feature. However, this is on the Cognito product roadmap to be delivered in the future.

answered 2 years ago
  • We're getting this answer ("it's on the roadmap") for over 4 years now (see for example, which feels a bit silly don't you think? Please move it to the top of the roadmap.

  • Totally agree, I know there is a possibility to use amplify to translate the login forms, but since amplify doesn't support scopes in the password_verify login flow, it's a showstopper for us.

  • I seriously can't believe that this isn't offered in 2022.

  • Four years seems enough to get the internationalization done ... I'm glad if you move it to the top of the roadmap!

  • Any progress on this Cognito hosted UI feature?

    AWS could post internationalisation texts on the GitHub. I would be more than happy to contribute texts for a language or two.

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