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How to translate Cognito Hosted UI Forms?


Is it possible to translate the texts on the sign-in and sign-up forms of Cognito Hosted UI in languages other than english?

These 4 sentences for the sign-in form for example:

  • Sign in with your email and password
  • Email
  • Password
  • Forgot your password?

This is asked by lots of users:

2 Answers

Hi Guys! Any updates on this request? It seems to me that this is something going on for a while now.

Is there any chance to have a date for that or perhaps make the hosted ui an open source project that we could fork and I8 from our own?


answered 7 days ago

This is currently not a supported feature. However, this is on the Cognito product roadmap to be delivered in the future.

answered 5 months ago
  • We're getting this answer ("it's on the roadmap") for over 4 years now (see for example, which feels a bit silly don't you think? Please move it to the top of the roadmap.

  • Totally agree, I know there is a possibility to use amplify to translate the login forms, but since amplify doesn't support scopes in the password_verify login flow, it's a showstopper for us.

  • I seriously can't believe that this isn't offered in 2022.

  • Four years seems enough to get the internationalization done ... I'm glad if you move it to the top of the roadmap!

  • Any progress on this Cognito hosted UI feature?

    AWS could post internationalisation texts on the GitHub. I would be more than happy to contribute texts for a language or two.

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