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Deleting User - Do files remain?


I need to delete a user from our system access. When I delete the user does all of their uploaded files remain in the system or do they delete too?

1 Answer

Hi, deleting a user from IAM will not undo or delete the user's past actions. You do not have to worry about previously uploaded files being deleted.

From AWS documentation, deleting a user removes

  • The user
  • Any user group memberships—that is, the user is removed from any IAM user groups that the user was a member of
  • Any password associated with the user
  • Any access keys belonging to the user
  • All inline policies embedded in the user (policies that are applied to a user via user group permissions are not affected)
  • Any associated MFA device

Documentation for reference:

Hope it helps clarify your question :)

answered 4 months ago

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