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How do you connect to a VPC Endpoint when your in a different AZ?


I have a ALB in one account (A) that I want to make available to VPCs in another account (B). I created an NLB and an VPC Endpoint in (A) and advertised it to (B). The problem is that all the VPCs in (B) that I want to share it with are in "use1-az6" and account (A) doesn't have that AZ.

I've heard some talk of creating a proxy in (A) to work around things like this but I'm not sure how to do that. Is the proxy an AWS thing? Or is it just a plain EC2 instance that I install HAProxy (or something) on?

  • When you say that "all the VPCs in (B) ... are in use1-az6" are you referring to Subnets or the specific resources that need to access the NLB? Did this happen by chance or did you deliberately architect for this?

    The reason I ask is AWS deliberately obfuscates AZ labels across accounts to prevent users/organisations from being able to concentrate resources in any one AZ

  • Yes you are correct. The VPCs in (B) all only have a single subnet each and they all happen to be in use1-az6. This was not designed not desired, it just happened that way. :shrug:

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I would submit a support ticket to see if the AZ can be added to account A.

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answered 8 months ago
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