How to add/extend sagemaker pipeline parameters?


I am working with sagemaker pipelines and it provides following parameters. is there a way we can extend/modify these? I want to look at the class/data type behind these sagemaker.worflow.parameters type , and extend or modify those if possible. say for ParameterString, I want to override its behaviour such that it has to be of certain length? or add a new type to parameter , may be a list type ?

from sagemaker.workflow.parameters import (

processing_instance_count = ParameterString(
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Hi, you can see how these Parameter classes are implemented here:

However, you can only restrict/modify these on client side, but you can not alter/add types recognised by the SageMaker service. For instance, you can extend the ParameterString to not allow your user to use more than 20 characters, but you can not add a ParameterList which would expect the SageMaker service to recognise it and treat it accordingly. If you have specific feedback about particular parameter types that you need, please let us know and we will gladly add that to the backlog of the team to consider implementing.

answered 2 months ago

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