Does Billing for FSx for Lustre start during "CREATING" Status or when it enters "AVAILABLE" status?


I have a customer looking to use FSx for Lustre as temporary storage for their SageMaker training jobs. They plan on using FSx integration with S3 to present their dataset in S3 on the shared file system.

They have a large dataset (1billion images) in S3 and found that the file system spends a long time in "CREATING" state, while it presumably imports the metadata for all the objects in S3.

When does billing in FSx for Lustre start? Does it start when the file system is in "CREATING" status? Or does it only start when it enters "Available" status?

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During the CREATING state we provision file system resources and import metadata for S3-linked file systems. Customers are billed as soon as file system resources have been provisioned (which usually takes a few minutes). The file system remains in the CREATING state until metadata has been imported for all objects in the linked S3 bucket. Importing metadata for lots of files can take some time after which the file system will enter the AVAILABLE state.

answered 2 years ago

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