Does anyone have OpenZFS filesystem with AWS Parallelcluster working ?


Q: Has anyone created an OpenZFS volume in FSx and been able to mount the volume using the pcluster3 cli in AWS Parallelcluster ? It doesn't seem to work. I created an OpenZFS filesystem, but I can't get it to mount using from in the pcluster cli. I do not have this issue with other filesystems. The YAML descriptors for the filesystem mount looks like this:

  - Name: modelingtest
    StorageType: FsxLustre
    MountDir: /fsx
      FileSystemId: fs-045ffe08c17984010

It seems the CLI spits out a non-descriptive error before the cluster build even starts. This looks like a cli bug to me.

pcluster create-cluster --cluster-configuration ./bluefishtestfsx.yaml --cluster-name testami --region us-east-1
  "message": "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get'"

The documenation for this is interesting too. It says you need to specifiy the storage size unless the "FileSystemID" is specified.

If I add the filesystem size, we get a different error which makes sense.

 pcluster create-cluster --cluster-configuration ./bluefishtestfsx.yaml --cluster-name testami --region us-east-1
  "configurationValidationErrors": [
      "level": "ERROR",
      "type": "ConfigSchemaValidator",
      "message": "[('SharedStorage', {0: {'FsxLustreSettings': {'_schema': ['storage_capacity is ignored when an existing Lustre file system is specified.']}}})]"
  "message": "Invalid cluster configuration."
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Today, ParallelCluster only supports mounting FSx for OpenZFS file systems using custom bootstrap actions.

You need to include your mount -t nfs -o nfsvers=4.1 /localpath command in a script, and reference that script under CustomActions: OnNodeConfigured on HeadNode and Scheduling:SlurmQueues in your ParallelCluster configuration file.

answered 2 years ago

AWS ParallelCluster launched support for FSx OpenZFS in 3.2.0. You can read more about it here:

Essentially you pre-create the filesystem and mount it like:

- MountDir: /openzfs
    Name: OpenZFS
    StorageType: FsxOpenZfs
      VolumeId: fsvol-02222222222222222
answered a year ago

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