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I'm looking for the information whether we can use Reserved Instance in the EKS Managed Node Group. How should customer proceed with the setup, should they make reservation first before creating the node group?

I saw during the Node Group creation we need to specify the Launch Template; and during creation of Node Template there is only 1 option to enable purchasing option which is "Request Spot Instances".

Is there any guidance how to use Reserved Instance with EKS managed node group?

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Hi, EKS managed node groups use standard EC2 instances, so if there are RIs or Savings Plans that match the instance types / families, they will apply just as they would with regular EC2 instances.

The "managed" part refers to the fact that EKS has a bit more of control over the instance, but other than that it's no different than a standalone EC2 instance.

answered 2 years ago

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