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UPDATE_ROLLBACK_COMPLETE error after changing AMI in parameter store


Hi, As I updated AMI ID in parameter store to the latest untested version to try to test it on our Integration and UAT environments on some infrastructure codepipeline, then it turned out that we needed to change the AMI back to the previous tested version to do another codepipeline deployment on integration, UAT and production, so the deployment was successful.

I then had to change the AMI ID back to the latest version in the parameter store so that we can test another infrastructure codepipeline for Integration and UAT, I then got an error in one of the ECS cloudformation stack during the deployment on integration as "UPDATE_ROLLBACK_COMPLETE"

Can anyone help where I should check to find the root cause please?

Many thanks in advance


1 Answer


If your stack is in UPDATE_ROLLBACK_COMPLETE , that just means that your last stack failed to deploy but should still be updatable.

For a specified stack that's in the UPDATE_ROLLBACK_FAILED state, continues rolling it back to the UPDATE_ROLLBACK_COMPLETE state. Depending on the cause of the failure, you can manually fix the error and continue the rollback. By continuing the rollback, you can return your stack to a working state (the UPDATE_ROLLBACK_COMPLETE state), and then try to update the stack again. Check this link below to find out on what are the steps involved to fix the same. Link-

answered 2 months ago

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