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Recurring Lambda scheduler is added to lambda "PBZTriggerSMSCampCron-kbeeprd",which runs every 1 minute,but in a same minute it was triggered twice which caused a huge error and inconsistencies in Production.Can anyone please help why it was triggered twice in a same minute.The Request Id are
1.RequestId: afda9bf6-c885-477f-aaf8-631381e4a676 2.RequestId: acf72f6b-5928-4fff-84c6-dfce4de89b4a They where triggered at 18:16:23 and 18:16:44 respectively Can anyone please help why this occured.This Caused huge issue in Production

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Hi, I don't have access to your account and can neither see your resources nor the event records.

How are you triggering the "recurring Lambda scheduler". Is this via Amplify or EventBridge (CloudWatch Events) or something else?

I would check the following:

  • Any other possible triggers of the lambda itself.
  • Are there any errors on the lambda running? If so, it's possible that the retry functionality could have kicked off another run of the lambda.
  • What does the timeout look for your lambda function?
  • Lastly, I would check the idempotency of the function. This guide may be helpful:
answered 2 years ago
  • The Lambda is triggered via Amplify. No triggers are present for lambda except the Recurring Scheduler The timeout of lambda function is 15 minutes. There are no errors ,while trigger-1 was runnings till ,then another trigger was triggered

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