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Can not find 'create lambda functions' in Cloud9


previous version of Cloud9 There is a 'Create Lambda Function' button in previous version interface of Cloud9 Welcome Page. But now, I can't find that feature anywhere in cloud9.

As far as I know, creating a lambda function is different from creating a lambda SAM application. (I already know how create lambda SAM application in Cloud9.)

So, How can I create lambda functions in current version of Cloud9? The attached photo is a previous version of Cloud9.

For reference, this issue was discovered while practicing building serverless applications provided by Amazon.

Please let me know:*)

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It is no longer possible to create Lambda function via Create Lambda Function... in the Cloud9 Welcome page because the AWS Resources Window has been deprecated.

Creating Lambdas via AWS Toolkit in Cloud9 is now the preferable way. Please find how to create Lambda functions via AWS Toolkit in this link.

We will request for the update of the hands-on page as well.


answered a month ago

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