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how do i delete a lambda@edge that isn't attached to a cloudfront?



I only have two cloudfront distributions in my account, neither of them reference my edge lambda, and yet when I try to delete it I get this error message:

Lambda was unable to delete arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:???:function:???:1 because it is a replicated function. Please see our documentation for Deleting Lambda@Edge Functions and Replicas.

The cloudfront it was associated with was deleted over a week ago and I am still getting this error when I try to delete.

How can I disassociate it from cloudfront when the cloudfront it was attached to is already gone?

  • I have the same error. There are no associated CloudFront distributions for this Lambda for at least several months. It's 100% true, I've checked using - there are no associations.

    But I'm not able to delete the Lambda@Edge function.

2 Answers

Are you sure you have checked all the behaviors of your CloudFront distributions, to make sure the function is not associated anywhere?

If you are confident that is the case, and you've followed all the instructions in the documentation: then I'd recommend opening a case with AWS support to investigate further.

answered 10 months ago
  • I only have 2 origins in this account so there aren't a lot of places this could hide, i'm fairly sure i've checked everywhere it could be and it's not there, and it's certainly had more than a few days to figure itself out.

    I don't have a support plan tho, so i'm not sure how to contact support about this. I certainly don't want to subscribe to a support plan just to tidy this up. ?Do you know how I raise this without one?


Because the lambda@edge are replicated to edge location, you need to wait for a while. Detache it from CloudFront distribution and wait for a while for AWS to remove replicates.

Normally it should take no more that few minutes. But I also had a situation when I was not able to remove it even after days, then I recommend to contact support and they will remove it for your

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answered 9 months ago

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