DNS NXDOMAIN resolution issue on a WordPress Lightsail instance after detaching an Static IPv4 IP Address


I detached an Static IPv4 IP Address from a WordPress Lightsail instance hoping it would automatically switch to a Dynamic IPv4 IP Address. After detaching the Static IPv4 IP Address, my website is unreachable (however, I can still connect to it via the browser SSH client from the Lightsail web interface).

Even after clearing the A Records in Route 53 and rebuilding the Hosted Zone, that propagation isn't happening. Lightsail isn't resolving either.

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Since it's an Static IP address in your AWS account, you can reattach the IP to the LightSail instance and make sure you add A record in Route 53 hosted zone.

A static IP is a fixed, public IP address that you can assign and reassign to an instance or other resource. If you haven't set up a static IP address, each time you stop or restart your instance, Lightsail assigns a new public IP address.


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answered a month ago
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Thank you for your continuous support and advice. I've followed all the advice and read all the documentation, but I still can't connect to my Lightsail instance from outside. I'm at a loss and would appreciate any further help from the AWS community.

Here's what I did: I made a new Static IP in the Lightsail console, attached it to my Lightsail instance, made an A record pointing from the root domain to the IP in Route 53. Also made a CNAME record pointing www. to the root domain. I also stopped and rebooted the Lightsail instance. Even after all these troubleshooting, I still can't connect to my Lightsail instance from outside AWS.

answered a month ago

I finally fixed it, retried everything but only from the Lightsail console. Than you!

answered a month ago

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