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/in Amazon Connect, could we have FACEBOOK, EMAIL. SMS, ... as channels in the Real-time Metrics dashboard/

in Amazon Connect, could we have FACEBOOK, EMAIL. SMS, ... as channels in the Real-time Metrics dashboard



Is there a way to add those channels in the Real-time Metrics dashboard? For now, only Voice, Chat and Task are displayed. And it is related to $.Channel which is a system attribute.

Could we set a variable somewhere (contact flow, lamba, ...) like $.CHANNEL=FACEBOOK as an example ? It not, we will have to build our own real time metrics dashboard and store every event related to those channels somewhere and then do the maths to produce our metrics.

What are your thoughts on that problem?


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it is currently not possible to add another, native, channel in the realtime and historical reporting capabilities out of the box.

When setting up messaging with Social Media Account like in this blog a Contact Attribute will be added which state which Channel the Chat Contact has been initiated from.

You can use this attribute to group and filter contacts in your Dashboards like Quicksight to report on the different channels from here. When you want to use the CTRs and with that the Contact Attributes to visualize Reports, I would recommend to start with this AWS Workshop which help on the setup process.

If you want to work with the built-in reporting instead you could use Queues per Channel to separate that Contacts by channel as well.

answered 2 months ago
  • I had tough about Contact Attributes but not about using Queues per channel. I will try it. Big thanks.

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