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/CloudTrail event too large/

CloudTrail event too large


I sending CloudTrail API event for event source ec2 to CW Events. Following is the Event Pattern configured in EventBridge

  "detail": {
    "eventName": ["RunInstances"]
    "eventSource": [""]
  "detail-type": ["AWS API Call via CloudTrail"]
  "source": ["aws.ec2"]

I am not getting complete event but the following message

      "omitted": true, 
      "originalSize": 109435, 
      "reason": "responseElements too large"

If I check Quotas in CloudTrail user guide, it is mentioned that events can have a max size of 256 KB. The original size mentioned above is less than that, could anyone help me with understanding why I am not getting the complete event?


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answered 17 days ago
  • Thanks for pointing it out. Is it possible to raise this limit for an account?

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