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Sagemaker Service


I am using AWS Sagemaker services and delete any instances that belong to the services. However, i still get charged per day even though I dont use the service anymore. I sent the case to the customer support center but no clear explanation yet. Please any kind of help for my account to stop the cost.

2 Answers

Hi, As per the AWS pricing Sagemaker pricing follow 2 models i.e. pay as you go & Savings plan. I'm assuming you haven't applied for savings plan? Please do clarify. Refer attached document for detail pricing model,

If you can provide the screenshot of your billing then will check and could comment anything.

Regards, Nikhil Shah

answered 5 months ago
  • it is stated on the billing dashboard that I use amazon sagemaker RunInstance ( $0.05 per studio-Notebook ml.t3.medium hour in US East(N.Virginia). I checked the link given and also the price noted based on my dashboard billing. So, How could I apply savings plan? Am i being charged even I don't open the notebook?

  • You might want to check if there's a instance running on SageMaker Studio. Please open Studio, click on the 'Running Terminals and Kernels' icon at the left. If there's an instance you don't need anymore, you can shut that down


Overall, a good way to see some of the SageMaker billable resources, is by going to the SageMaker page on AWS Console and click on 'SageMaker dashboard'. The 'Recent Activity' section shows the resources

PS: SageMaker Studio resources are not displayed on that dashboard

answered 5 months ago

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