AWS Snowball will not unlock and cant access.


I just ordered a AWS snowball edge device and downloaded my manifest file and access code. I am using the following method to connect:

snowballEdge unlock-device --endpoint https://x.x.x.x --manifest-file c:\users\administrator\Downloads\xxx_manifest.bin --unlock-code xxx

However, I keep getting the following error message:: SdkClientException - Unable to execute HTTP request: Connect to x.x.x.x.:90 91 [/x.x.x.x] failed: Connection refused: connect

I have validate network connectivity as well so any help is appreciated.

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3 Answers

Make sure you are not blocked by your firewall with http/https request. Please follow the process of unloking using the documents below

answered 10 months ago

So I was able to solve this by shutting down and waiting 10 mins and then it instantly unlocked. I found another article where it talked about this and that resolution worked.

answered 10 months ago

Ran into this same error, turned out to be an IP conflict on the network.

answered 4 months ago

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