Feedback) AWS Athena MSCK REPAIR TABLE does not work for double quote table


Problem: MSCK REPAIR TABLE "table"; => Double quote does not work. Result: line 1:1: mismatched input 'MSCK'. Expecting: 'ALTER', 'ANALYZE', 'CALL', 'COMMENT', 'COMMIT', 'CREATE', 'DEALLOCATE', 'DELETE', 'DENY', 'DESC', 'DESCRIBE', 'DROP', 'EXECUTE', 'EXPLAIN', 'GRANT', 'INSERT', 'MERGE', 'PREPARE', 'REFRESH', 'RESET', 'REVOKE', 'ROLLBACK', 'SET', 'SHOW', 'START', 'TRUNCATE', 'UNLOAD', 'UPDATE', 'USE', <query>

MSCK REPAIR TABLE table; => Works.

Please note that when we click our table name in left panel from AWS console it auto-generates double quotes instead of `

Suggested solution:

Option 1) Enable Athena Query to work on both syntax including double quote

Option 2) When clicking table name from aws console auto-generate table instead of "table"

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I understand that MSCK REPAIR TABLE "table"; => Double quote does not work, when table name is double clicked on the left panel.

As an alternative solution, please follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Click on the 3 dots in-front of table name in the left panel.
  2. Load partitions.
  3. It will auto-generate the query like MSCK REPAIR TABLE tablename;
  4. Run the query.

By following these steps, you will be able to execute the MSCK REPAIR query without any issues.

That being said, if you would like to request a new feature, as suggested above, please raise a support case with AWS for further information.

Have a good day!

answered 7 months ago

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