AWS GameKit adds Unity support


Hello GameKit Devs,

We are excited to announce AWS GameKit is now available for the Unity game engine. AWS GameKit allows game developers to deploy and customize game backend features directly from a game engine. AWS GameKit launched on March 23, 2022 with support for Unreal Engine and with today’s release for Unity, game developers can integrate the following cloud-based game features into Win64, MacOS, Android, or iOS games from both the Unreal and Unity engines with just a few clicks:

Identity and Authentication: Create unique identities for each player and allow players to sign into the game. Verify player identities and manage player sessions.

Achievements: Create and track game-related rewards earned by players.

Game State Cloud Saving: Maintain a synchronized copy of player game progress in AWS to allow players to resume gameplay across sessions.

User Gameplay Data: Maintain game-related data for each player, such as inventory, statistics, and cross-play persistence.

Game developers can find the AWS GameKit for Unity in the GitHub repository.

Nidhi Gupta, GameKit PM

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