Does CloudFormation's "Git sync" support CodeCommit repositories?


From the CloudCommit Git sync docs (and Git sync walkthrough):

Git sync supports GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, and Bitbucket repositories.

Do I understand correctly that AWS CloudFormation Git sync does not support AWS's own CodeCommit?

If that's correct, why not?


I tried creating a stack using git sync, but the console only allows selection from the four providers mentioned above. See screenshot below.

I guess that answers the first part of my question, although I'm still hoping there's a way around this.

screenshot from cf console using git sync

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your question is very relevant given the CodeCommit doc:

Compatibility for CodeCommit, Git, and other components

When you work with CodeCommit, you use Git. You might use other programs, too. The following 
table provides the latest guidance for version compatibility. 

CodeCommit supports Git versions 1.7.9 and later. Git version 2.28 supports configuring 
the branch name for initial commits. We recommend using a recent version of Git.

So, I guess (I didn't try) that it should work and that the doc is incomplete.

Will you try?



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  • @Didier_Durand Thanks, I did try. No luck. See updated question.

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