How does the application detect it's running on Amazon Workspace with the WPS protocol?


We are developing a small application specifically for Amazon Workspace with the WPS protocol. Is there any way we can know if the application is running in Amazon Workspace (with WPS protocol)? Is it possible to know through the registry/config specifically for this environment?

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Hello there,

What is driving the need to create a dependency on the protocol used to stream the Workspaces session. Your application should run on the Windows OS regardless of the protocol the Workspaces is using to stream the session, PCoIP, WSP or RDP. As far as I understand you should not be creating any dependency on the streaming protocol to develop your application. Both should be decoupled. This also helps to isolate and troubleshoot application level issues.

With that said, you can use these two registry to determine if the Workspace is using WSP protocol or not.

Registry Path: HKLM:\Software\Amazon\WorkspacesConfig
HighlanderEnabled: True

Registry Path: HKLM:\Software\Amazon\WorkspacesConfig\update-wsp.ps1
WspInstallStatus: Installed

Please also note that AWS may choose to change or modify this registry any time in future and this could break your application.

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