Why are some of my messages not reaching AWS IoT Core?


I have 3 Raspberry Pi's connected to 6 different sensors that publish messages to the AWS IoT Core through the MQTT broker. Out of the 6 sensors connected 2 sensors emit data every 10s and another 2 sensors data emit data every 1s and the remaining two emit data approximately after every 10minutes. I observed that some of the messages are visible on the local machine while it is not getting published to AWS IoT Core. I have setup the Quality of Service to 1 in the configuration file that bridges the Raspberry Pi and the AWS IoT Core.

I was wondering if there is anything else that needs to be added to the config file or am I reaching any sort of a limit?

Thank you.

  • What are you using to send data to AWS IoT Core?

  • Hi MassimilianoAWS

    Currently, I am using MQTT broker to send data to IoT Core

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You can find the IoT Core limits and quotas in this link: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/iot-core.html#thing-limits.

I picked some relevant limits, just to check (only showing the default values):

  • Connect requests per second per account: 500
  • Connect request per second per client ID: 1
  • Inbound publish requests per second per account: 20000
  • Maximum inbound unacknowledged QoS 1 publish requests: 100
  • Maximum outbound unacknowledged QoS 1 publish requests: 100

So, based on those numbers, worth to check if you are opening new connections every time you want to publish a message, what eventually may hit the "Connect request per second per client ID" limit. Other than that, worth to check the logs to see if you are receiving any errors, as the ones generated when you cross the QoS inbound/outbound limits above.

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