I am experiencing an issue with the TXT record


Hi, I am experiencing an issue with the TXT record for SPF. I received instructions from 123 Reg on updating the TXT record in our AWS DNS Host zone. I made the update more than 48 hours ago, but when I check using public DNS TXT record checkers such as dncheker.org and mxtoolbox, the TXT record cannot be found. This problem is affecting our service, as we are unable to send any emails since the issue started. Although we have already updated the TXT record in our AWS DNS zone, the problem persists, and the record has not been updated publicly.

I contacted the supplier, and they assured me that the TXT record is correct. They suggested that I reach out to the AWS technical team for further assistance "I asked why the TXT record still not propagating". Could someone please provide guidance in this matter?

  • Could you share a screen shot at all the TXT record you have created?

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Hi, this previous re:Post response on a very similar problem may provide you with steps toward a solution:


Hope it helps!


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