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AWS OpenSearch keeps dropping the indices after a failed Amplify build


I have an Amplify app that uses Dynamodb database and an OpenSearch cluster indexes the dynamodb database.

Anytime my Amplify app build fails, it erases the OpenSearch index and makes my app unusable.

This is turning out to be disastrous for my app, does anyone know to prevent the OpenSearch index from dropping?

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Thanks for reaching out to us!

Could you please provide below details in order to better understand the issue

  1. Is this happening after running amplify build, amplify push, or CICD? And when it's erroring out what are the errors that are coming out of it?

  2. And what validation is being done to confirm that the indices are being deleted, are they just failing on OpenSearch queries through the API or are they looking at the index data in OpenSearch itself

  3. what version of the CLI is being used?

  4. what is the transformer version is being used?

Additionally, I would recommend creating a support case and initiating a live session via call or chat so that we can take a closer look at your setup and help you resolve the issue.

answered 8 months ago

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