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If I have an application that is currently using MongoDB Atlas (not hosted on AWS), should I migrate to AWS DocumentDB if the rest of my infrastructure is running on AWS? What should I look out for when migrating? Are there any bugs or known issues between the two services, and what type of support does DocumentDB get for new MongoDB features? I'd love a pros/cons list of running each service so I can make a good decision.

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Although it is important to ask questions to see how your customer have their MongoDB environment set up, we have some documentation here that goes over approaches when considering moving MongoDB from either an on-premise or EC2 environment. Customers using Atlas normally have a cluster set up, which our Database Migration Service can leverage to migrate their cluster to DocumentDB

With this in mind, I recommend a few thing

  • Talk to your customer and ask how they are using DocumentDB. If they are using it for simple storage, then the only things you'll want to keep in mind is the Atlas MongoDB version to ensure it is compatible with DocumentDB
  • Share the documentation I've mentioned above with your customer and see if they have interest in going this route.
answered 9 months ago

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