AppSync VTL resolvers VS JavaScript resolvers VS Lambda resolvers


Hi, I've learned that AppSync has three ways to implement resolvers: VTL, JavaScript, and Lambda.

Which resolver do you prefer for production apps? Is there a benefit to use VTL or JavaScript resolvers over Lambda resolvers in terms of cost, performance, development experience, or maintenance experience?

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The choice depends on what dimension (performance, cost) is more important for you, as there is not one size fits all solution.

VTL pro is performance but devX and maintenance is very cumbersome

Lambda will introduce a custom variable and possibly tiny latency, but then you can manage resolvers programmatically.

Personally I d suggest to go fir JavaScript, as it both increases DEvX, better maintenance and no cost. Performance may not be negligible but depends on your system throughput and constraints.

Hope it helps ;)

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answered 10 months ago
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