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Identifying amortized cost column in AWS cost and usage report


Hello, We are ingesting CUR data for our own internal BI use cases. AWS Cost Explorer user interface provides a toggle to see amortized cost and net amortized cost for a resource. We want to surface the same in our inhouse BI dashboard. So in cost and usage report CSV, which is the column which reflects the above information for a resource ? Documentation is not very clear. What would the value of this column be for resources which does not have any RIs/discounts ? Any examples would help. Thanks.

2 Answers

The following help section in the Well Architected CUR Query Library has some good explanations:

Also there is an amortized cost by charge type example here as well:

answered 9 months ago

Depending on whether account(s) have any RI or SP discount, you would need to use different columns for this as there's no one single "amortized cost" column in CUR. Here are few examples:

  • if there are RIs and there's usage that's benefiting from their discount, you would use column "reservation/EffectiveCost"
  • for SPs there's separate column for that - "savingsPlan/SavingsPlanEffectiveCost"
  • and for anything else, you would normally use "lineItem/UnblendedCost" (unless you know exactly why you need it, "lineItem/BlendedCost" can be used in some circumstances)

As for examples, check out CUR query library as mentioned by @amazonchris earlier

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answered 8 months ago

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