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Lambda .net 5 container not an option in aws toolkit blueprints


When I create a new AWS Lambda .Net Project there is no blueprint option for .Net 5 (Container Image) as I see in the example posts. I have verified all the required versions as far as I can tell. Is there something else I need to make this available?

I am running: Visual Studio 2019 16.11.5 Docker Desktop Installed AWS Toolkit

2 Answers

VS 2019 has the .NET 5 container images and VS 2022 has the .NET 6 container images. I suspect there is some confusion on how to get to the AWS Lambda blueprints in VS.

To see the blueprints in Visual Studio:

  • Select "Create a new project" in the VS splash screen or from the shell menu "File -> New -> Project"
  • In project template search box enter "AWS Lambda".
  • Select either "AWS Lambda Project (.NET Core - C#)" or "AWS Lambda Project (.NET Core - F#)". If you have the Amazon.Lambda.Templates NuGet package installed for the .NET CLI that might be adding additional entries into the list which could be confusing.
  • Enter project name and push Create
  • The Lambda blueprint wizard will popup. Select the ".NET 5 (Container Image)" blueprint and push finish

That will create the .NET 5 project with the appropriate Docker file. If this doesn't work for me let me know which step is showing you a different results.

answered 5 months ago
  • Thank you again for replying, The last step is the issue. I choos AWS Lambda Project (.NET Core - C#) Then in the blueprints list there is no option for ".NET 5 (Container Image)

    It won't let me attach an image, but these are what I have: Empty Function Custom Runtime Function Detect Image Labels Lex Book Trip Sample Order Flowers Chatbot Simple Application Load Bal... Simple DynamoDB Function Simple Kinesis Firehose Func... Simple Kinesis Function Simple S# Function Simple SNS Function Simple SQS Function

  • I wish we could post images as well. Out of curiosity can you tell me what the description for the "Custom Runtime Function" blueprint says?

  • Norm I really appreciate the quick reply. I didn't get a notification in my email which is why it has taken me so long to get back to your question.

    It says:

    Custom Runtime Function Use Lambda Custom Rutime reature to build Lambda functions using .NET 5.


We just released .Net 6 support both as container image and as a managed runtime. We do not have official support for .Net 5.

answered 5 months ago

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