Can we move Monitron sensors for an industrial to another?



Let's say we stick some Monitron sensors on an industrial asset: it starts learning the normal behavior of this asset. After a while, we decide that this asset is not so critical or is reliable enough not to be monitored: can we stick the sensor to another machine? And, more importantly, can we reset the learning based on this new configuration?

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It is possible indeed to relocate a sensor:

  1. Delete the sensor from the asset/position it's paired to.
  2. The sensor then becomes available to be commissioned in a new location.
  3. Physically remove the sensor by leveraging a wide flat faced screw driver to dislodge.

The historical data is associated with the position: when deleting the sensor from the position it's paired to, you don't lose previous measurements. Hence, Monitron will learn a brand new behavior from the new position.

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