Should I use Compass or SCT for a Babelfish assessment?


Both SCT and Compass can report assessments for SQL Server migrations to Babelfish. Which should I use?

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Compass is recommended. See this answer for Compass download information.

Compass is recommended because:

  • Compass is designed specifically for Babelfish and to detect nuances in the DDL.
  • Compass reports contain additional instructions for Babelfish.

Keep in mind, SCT is only used for assessment for Babelfish (although Compass is recommended). Do not use SCT's conversion feature: Babelfish understands the SQL Server dialect and DDLs directly, after adjusting the DDL for any unsupported features in the assessment report.

answered 5 months ago

Quoted from this post.

You have two options for assessment tools for Babelfish. One option is the Babelfish Compass tool, which is part of the Babelfish product. When a new release of Babelfish becomes available, an up-to-date version of Compass will also be available. In contrast, AWS SCT will support newer Babelfish version after some time. Compass also provides a feature to automatically rewrite certain unsupported T-SQL constructs in such a way that Babelfish can support them after all. The other option is the assessment report built into AWS SCT. Both tools use the same underlying Babelfish feature definitions for evaluation, but Compass generally provides more accurate results.

answered a month ago

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