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/Add LoRaWAN gateway to AWS IoT Core - Permission/Role not accepted/

Add LoRaWAN gateway to AWS IoT Core - Permission/Role not accepted


Hi, I am working through general LoRaWAN functions and applications as part of a larger IoT project. I'm having trouble connecting my gateway (Multitech Conduit) to AWS. I've gone through all the steps provided in the AWS help documentation and documentation from the manufacturer, including creating new Gateway Cert Manager permissions/roles (AWS steps here Still, when I try to add my gateway I get an error message saying that I do not have the correct permissions set to add a gateway. Has anyone run into this? Is there a way to associate the role/permission with my IAM account? or should it be set for the root account?

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Hi. Can you please provide the error message? And at what step you suffer it?

This may help (as general advice):

I think you mean that you, as an IAM user, don't have permission to create a gateway. If your IAM user is not an Admin, it likely needs additional permissions to create the gateway. Attaching the AWSIoTWirelessFullAccess managed policy may solve the issue, but it also likely not least privilege. Attaching a policy:

answered a month ago
  • Thank you for the help! The point I was getting stopped was after I input the gateway EUI and RF Region and clicking "ADD GATEWAY." I added the AWSIoTWirelessFullAccess policy to my IAM account and we are in business! Thank you again.

    PS: If you are an AWS employee, but if you are, it would be helpful to have the need for this policy documented in the section explaining how to add gateways.

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