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/Quicsight Dataset not connecting to Datasource./

Quicsight Dataset not connecting to Datasource.


My Quicksight dataset is not able to connect to the data source. Instead I'm getting an error message stating 'Connecting to your data source took too long. Retrying this request may help. Contact technical support for further assistance.' I have been using the dataset for over a year now without issues but started facing this issue starting early this week.

  • what is the data source? If it is a database how long does it takes the query? is the datasource in a VPC? have the networking setting changed?

asked 5 months ago17 views
1 Answers

There is some key setting you need revisit.

is there any role and rights change at the db level? check you VPC. In bound or outbound IP's Reset you DB password. database allowing to make connection

answered 5 months ago

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