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Server Error During Password Recovery via Workspaces Windows Client


Hello, I'm trying to recover a password for a workspace I created previously. I'm using Amazon Workspaces Windows Desktop client and the password recovery form falls into a loop of the "Server Error There was an error with your request. Please try again later." message. I'm pretty sure that my username is correct.

The username contains uppercase letters. I also tried typing username with lowercase letters but it did not work. Restarting the workspace through the AWS web console did not resolve the issue. Please kindly assist me. Thanks, Ismet

1 Answers

Are you using Microsoft Active Directory that you manage for your WorkSpaces's enabled Directory? Likely, you'll need RSAT Active Directory Users and Computers to find the user and reset the password.

answered 25 days ago
  • Do we have to provision an EC2 to instance? Or can we use our home computer, join a local vm to the domain and use it instead? (BTW, yes we use AD Standard edition and directory/workspace both located in London region)

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