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/response resolver nesting foreach does not appear to work/

response resolver nesting foreach does not appear to work


I have a response resolver that looks like this snip

NOTE: This code runs inside a foreach
#elseif( $entry.get("_source").entity.bundle == "he_transaction" )
#if( $velocityCount > 1 ) , #end

#set( $counties = [])
#foreach($county in $entry.get("_source").field_locations.counties)
$util.qr( $counties.add( { "name": $county } ) )

        "__typename": "Transaction",  
        "id": $entry.get("_source").entity.nid,  
        "title": $entry.get("_source").title\[0].value,  
        "status": $entry.get("_source").entity.status,  
        "uri": { "uri": $entry.get("_source").entity.uri },  
        "changed": $entry.get("_source").entity.changed.value,  
        "closeDate": $entry.get("_source").field_close_date\[0].value,  
        "companies": \[],  
        "buyers": \[],  
        "marketers": \[],  
        "locationBasin": $entry.get("_source").field_location_basin\[0].value,  
        "locationField": $entry.get("_source").field_location_field\[0].value,  
        "locations": \[{  
            "countryCode" : $entry.get("_source").field_locations\[0].country_code,  
            "administrativeArea" : $entry.get("_source").field_locations\[0].administrative_area,  
            "locality": $entry.get("_source").field_locations\[0].locality,  
            "counties": $counties  
        "price": {  
            "currency_code": "USD",  
            "number": 0.0  
        "types": \[],  
        "roomOpening": $entry.get("_source").field_room_opening_date.value,  
        "relatedContents": \[]  

but when I run the query, counties is empty when I can see the result from ES has values in it like this

"field_locations": [
"country_code": "US",
"administrative_area": "OK",
"counties": [
"Texas & Woodward Cos."

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2 Answers

To help you better, please enable Logs (with Field Log Level - "ALL") for your API from the Settings page of your AppSync console. Execute the same query and check for the evaluated "Request" and "Response" Mapping Templates in the CloudWatch logs. This should give you some indication on why the counties is resolved to an empty array.

Also, if you still run into issues, please post the obfuscated Request/Response mapping content from your logs so I can help further.

answered 3 years ago

The "field_locations" is the section of the elastic search result that is used. But I just figured out my issue. I forgot to include the array on field_location. starting with the second #if and again in the #foreach I should of had field_locations[0]

answered 3 years ago

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