New SES account level suppression list - lacking major simples features that make it useful


With the new account level suppression list that SES users are now forced to use, how on earth are we suppose to sign into SES and looks at our suppressions and/or un-suppress emails if we can't even search within the list of suppressions or view the list of suppression sortable by date? They are all just randomly listed. What a mess. This makes the entire system unusable for me. Every other ESP out there allows for searching and sorting. Why doesn't SES? this is basic stuff.

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We integrated ses/sns bounce notifications into our application and are now notifying our customers when their mails get bounces. If the Mail is on a suppression list, we offer a link to remove it from ist.

Yes, we had to implement all this stuff - but now the whole process is automated and will not flood our customer support hotline.

answered 2 years ago

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