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/Why does import fail with Jira data to QuickSight?/

Why does import fail with Jira data to QuickSight?


I've generated an API token for our Jira board on our Atlassian account. After going on [New Dataset] -> [Jira] in QuickSight, the connection is validated after entering the API token. But this message appears even though I am an admin:

"The SaaS isn’t available. The URL might not be accessible, or the instance might not be available. You can check the service and try again. Contact your data source administrator for assistance."

1 Answers

This is possibly due to JIRA residing in a private network and QuickSight in a public platform.

In order to allow access to QuickSight to connect JIRA in private network - Please try to allow QuickSight IP address in your JIRA application network based on listings here

answered 3 months ago

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